Golden Hour

Golden Hour

Vitamin C is by no means a new ingredient in skin care nor is the craze for a serum filled with this legendary powerhouse. Every last skin care brand has jumped on the Vitamin C bandwagon to offer products that claim to uphold this fleeting promise of combating aging and brightening hyperpigmentation. While the beauty editors at TR have tried their fair share of Vitamin C-enhanced skin care products, it wasn't until our Chief Content Officer had a Hail Mary microinfusion treatment on the fortnight of her wedding that officially made her a Vit C believer.

The product? Mymiel Golden Hour Brightening Elixir.

Created by Harvard-trained dermatologists Tyler Menge and Christina Weng, Mymiel is reinventing the way you think about honey. By combining the power of this natural ingredient with the precision of science, they are able to deliver a simple but highly effective 5-step skin care routine complete with Mel Honey Actives. This proprietary formulation contains potent anti-inflammatory and anti-aging molecules found in honey known as phenols (i.e. ferulic acid) and flavonoids (i.e. chrysin). When paired with Vitamin C, these anti-aging ingredients work together to fight free radicals and restore the skin to its natural radiance. 


Brand: Mymiel

Product: Golden Hour Brightening Elixir

Key Ingredients: Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Ferulic Acid, Niacinamide and Panthenol


  • protects against harmful free radicals
  • brightens dark spots
  • boosts collagen production and build collagen bundles
  • prevents sag and loss of elasticity
  • calms decongest stressed skin
  • decreases redness
  • diminishes signs of damage from pollution and other stressors
  • creates an airbrushed complexion