Alivia provides a voice to the previously unheard, showcasing the diverse talents of people with disabilities by using fashion as a powerful connection platform.

      Here, every artwork is created by an individual with a developmental disability while participating in art therapy. These talented individuals are paid for the use of their artwork. From one masterpiece to another, Alivia turns artwork into the design, bringing the beautiful minds of creators with disabilities to every print and every hem - showcasing the unique gifts and abilities that break assumed boundaries.

      To further give back, Alivia donates ten percent of every purchase directly to the creator's local non-profit, enabling a lasting impact for future generations of creators with disabilities. Through their vocational training program, Project A, with the Center for All Abilities, Alivia is devoted to creating employment for people of all abilities.

      Alivia believes that knowledge is key in promoting awareness, acceptance, and inclusion of all abilities. That is why every Alivia garment includes a unique scannable tag, allowing wearers to experience and share the personal story behind the clothes and the direct impact their purchase made.