Apparis is a New York City-based vegan lifestyle brand, co-founded by French duo Amelie Brick and Lauren Nouchi. After spending their careers in the fashion industry, and witnessing the impact of fashion’s unethical manufacturing practices, the two left their jobs at luxury fashion houses in 2016 and made the pledge to do better. And thus, Apparis was born.

      What was once a faux fur outerwear brand, has now transformed into a lifestyle brand, expanding across multiple new product categories, including knitwear, home, and accessories.

      A conscious brand that constantly works to become more sustainable, both in their manufacturing processes and in their materials, Apparis's pieces are made to stay in your wardrobe (and out of the landfill) for years to come. From day one, They have put their heart and soul into creating the highest-quality animal-free alternatives out there. They believe that ethical fashion and an accessible price point can coexist without compromising style or quality.

      The label is dedicated to cruelty-free designs, sustainability, and most importantly, empowerment. Find products named after icons, inspirations, and team members of the brand; women who are forces of nature in the eyes of Amélie and Lauren.