Business & Pleasure


      Business & Pleasure is a love story. Two Australian friends, meeting their Classic-Cali dream girls. With frequent pacific travels, countless hotel stays, and many morning mimosas (with a side of emails of course), Business & Pleasure Co. was established, c/o Summer 2016. They endeavor to make the World’s Best Beach Umbrella, among many other luxury lifestyle goods.

      Beauty, functionality, and sustainability are three elements that Business & Pleasure Co. founders, Ollie Edwards and Lachlan Leckie, always consider when creating a new product. They have a dedication to premium materials and the craftsmanship that goes into making every one of the brand's luxury beach and home goods.

      What Business & Pleasure offers is more than just premium quality luxury lifestyle goods. The brand has other important missions - to keep and improve its sustainability and ethical practices. They use recycled or reclaimed materials to reduce waste. Their product packaging is recycled and they use reclaimed wood for their products. They treat their employees and contractors fairly and make a better workplace. They encourage their employees to live a balanced life of Business & Pleasure as their Business name states.