Cara Cara


      Cara Cara is a brand created by three women, Julia Workman Brown, Sasha Martin, and Katie Hobbs. Together, they imagined and created a collection that combines the joyful spirit of being on holiday, with exuberant and versatile wardrobe pieces to wear year-round.

      As a brand dedicated to designing clothes for women who seek to embody a unique kind of casual glamour, Cara Cara puts the same deliberate attention to supporting sustainable practices. They use ethical practices, responsible manufacturing, and work with natural components and fabrics. All clothes are produced in ethically-operated workrooms in the US, and WRAP-certified factories in India, China, and Peru. Each piece is hand sewn by small teams of experts who return to work on Cara Cara patterns season after season.

      Entirely female-founded, owned, and operated, Cara Cara is a company committed to spreading the joy of vacation through ready-to-wear pieces, all while supporting and implementing sustainable practices.