For Days


      For Days is a team of dreamers, believers, and innovators who acknowledge that fashion is one of the most pollutive industries - but together with us, they are going to fix it. The first circular fashion brand, they spent the last 4+ years building a network of expert recycling partners to keep clothing out of landfills. They design products for circularity. Everything is organic, non-toxic, and can be recycled into new fabric.

      Together with its community, For Days will eliminate clothing waste in order to benefit people and the planet. They believe that fashion should be fun, expressive, guilt-free, and waste-free. Hence 100% of their products are recyclable. They plan and design for the end of a product’s life at the beginning to make sure what is returned to them can be transformed into future products.

      It doesn't end there. Not only are they concerned about their own products. They also collect, sort, and recycle used garments, linens, and more, from any brand through their best-selling Take Back Bag. Through this program, they work with recycling partners to repurpose each item and divert them from landfills. Because non-For Days are an unknown blend of materials, they are recycled into things like insulation, rugs, or cleaning materials.