Huma Blanco


      Huma Blanco is a footwear brand founded by a third-generation shoemaker and designer Adriana Crocco. Crocco's Peruvian and Italian shoemaking heritages have led Adriana to an appreciation for the quality of materials and construction - with the line fusing classic silhouettes with interesting construction and unexpected textures.

      Designed and handmade in Lima, Peru, the line was born out of an appreciation for the simple luxury of Peruvian hides and textiles, along with a goal to sustain long-term jobs for shoemakers in its designer's home country.

      The raw beauty of the Peruvian materials they use such as suede, alpaca, and calf hair is what inspires Crocco the most. The brand uses natural dyes or leaves them in their pure form. The leather they use is a bi-product from local farmers.

      The brand treats its employees fairly and makes a better workplace. Their shoemakers are a vital part of the entire process and integral to the Huma Blanco brand. The shoemakers have grown with them and the brand recognizes and cherishes the work they put into making the collection. They are their strength and what makes each piece so special. By creating its brand and showcasing it to the world, Huma Blanco celebrates its shoemakers' craft and makes them proud of what they do.