Janessa Leone


      Born and raised in Southern California, Janessa Leone launched her eponymous line of wool hats in 2013. Following early endorsements from top retailers and celebrities alike, the Janessa Leoné collection has expanded into an internationally recognized lifestyle label with multiple categories.

      The brand creates high-quality essentials that elevate every day and simplify routines. With an intentional balance of thoughtful construction and ease of wear, Janessa approaches design through a utilitarian lens. Traditional silhouettes are reinterpreted with modern details and clean lines; refinement defines the Janessa Leone aesthetic.

      Never wavering in her commitment to sustainable practices and attention to detail, every Janessa Leoné creation prioritizes thoughtful functionality, high-quality materials, and hand-crafted construction. They subscribe to the ethos of buying fewer but higher-quality essentials that transcend trends and will last for many years to come. They optimize for longevity in the creation of every Janessa Leoné design.

      Moreover, they only partner with vendors and factories that share their values. They prioritize employee well-being, sustainable practices, responsibly sourced materials, and quality craftsmanship in the creation of every Janessa Leone item. They only use ethically and sustainably sourced wool and cruelty-free wool. From the farms where they source wool and leather, to their manufacturers and production facilities in Los Angeles, New York, Pennsylvania, Madagascar, and Ecuador, to their shipping warehouse, they demand a supply chain transparency as well as ethical work environments, and environmental accountability from every partner who touches their products.