Maiami is the modern perspective on a traditional craft. Each of their hand-knitted products is a representation of the time and care they invest in creating and delivering the most beautiful product they can.

      Maiami stands for a modern aesthetic that is quintessential to the brand, represented in distinct styles, unexpected colors, and combinations. The personality of each piece reflects a luxury that is rooted in the handmade.

      Maiami is the result of Maike Dietrich’s passion for design and the craft of knitting. Ever since the label’s founding in 2004, profits have been reinvested in its organic growth. Their products are sold worldwide in exclusive boutiques, concept stores, and online shops.

      At Maiami, they are aware that how they operate has an impact and know they are responsible for optimizing it. They have identified four key responsibilities that are close to their hearts: empowerment, environment, resources, and longevity.

      Empowerment: Their products are brought to life by the craftspeople who make them. Each handmade piece is manufactured by one person, from the first loop to the finished product - the opposite of mass production. They take a collaborative approach and operate on even ground with everybody they work with. With their business, they help invigorate and strengthen mostly rural communities around Europe. They know all of their suppliers personally and they work together with people who provide fair working conditions and share their ethical and social values. Their conversation about female empowerment has been an ongoing one for many years as it is inherent to their work. They have committed themselves to become further engaged in, and aware of, opportunities to encourage female empowerment.

      Environment: Their products are handmade. They do not need machines and energy for their production which means no CO2 emissions. While a small portion of the knitters who work with them are based in Germany, the rest of their production is done in manufactories around Europe. Each sweater is knitted in one piece, by one person, in one place. Every step of the production process is completed on-site, meaning no unnecessary shipping. As soon as the sweaters are finished, they are gathered and shipped to Berlin. This minimizes CO2 emissions for transport.

      Resources: Renewable and natural fibers make up the biggest share of the materials they use. They come from renowned European suppliers who have demonstrably committed to the welfare of animals and to ethical and environmentally sensitive production standards. They are currently using FSC-certified paper for boxing and use hangers made of pressed grass for their agents to display the Maiami collection. They are currently sourcing more sustainable alternatives to their tags and bags as well. Their office is powered by 100% green energy.

      Longevity: Their collections are designed to last much longer than one season. They do not follow short-lived trends and take a clear stand against fast fashion. Through the exclusive use of high-quality materials, their products can be worn for a long time - avoiding fabric waste and surplus.