More Sunday


      More Sunday was created in 2019 by LA-based entrepreneur Danielle Wu after two of her closest loved ones were diagnosed with cancer. As she upped her efforts to live a healthier lifestyle, a common thread kept appearing: fabric toxicity. With More Sunday, Wu sets out to help people feel their best so they inspire to do better for themselves and the planet through her luxurious, sustainably-made silk clothing and accessories that easily transition from the boardroom to the bedroom.

      Designed with intention, More Sunday believes that you should never put something on your skin that you wouldn't put in your mouth. That is why they only use 100% pure, synthetic-free mulberry silk and superior non-toxic dyes to produce their OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 Certified pieces. An OEKO-TEX® certification means that all materials and parts of articles of clothing underwent extensive product checks to ensure responsible use of chemicals and non-toxic properties.

      More Sunday uses eco-friendly textiles that vertically integrate as much as possible to reduce wasted gas and energy. These textiles are made from natural dyes and do not take on any more finishes that are harmful to you and the environment. These eco-friendly textiles are made of organic materials that do not harm in the wash. Moreover, these eco-friendly textiles they use minimize the footprint they leave after use. Textiles made of polyester stay on our planet forever and add to our problem. That is why they use wool, cotton, and silk, which are not only luxurious fabrics but also natural and will eventually biodegrade when discarded.