My Beachy Side


      Apart from creating unique and wonderful summer pieces that the brand has been known for, My Beachy Side has an admirable mission, and it was through this mission that the brand was conceived by entrepreneur Gamze Ates - to drive the financial empowerment of disadvantaged women, and bring sustainable, fair trade practices to her creative vision; sparked by a love of the traditional crochet made in her native Turkey.

      Applying values of free trade, they aim to be an example that leads the luxury fashion industry towards a higher standard along three pillars of sustainability. The company’s strategy focuses on responsible business practices across all functions: from enriching individual artisans to reducing industrial waste.

      Social Sustainability: They provide economic opportunities to unemployed women in Turkey, including Diyarbakir - an area in Southern Turkey close to the Syrian border, which suffers from political strife and has a large refugee population. They also provide income to an underprivileged and diverse group of over 500 women with otherwise limited job access. More than just providing income, they offer opportunities for growth including business education. Through these, they enable women to support themselves financially and enrich the community beyond.

      Environmental Sustainability: The handmade products they sell drastically lower the carbon footprint of their output. They produce a minimum amount of waste and repurpose any excess materials. They are also conscious of the environmental impact of the full supply chain and carefully choose their vendors and materials.

      Cultural Sustainability: They source much of their textiles from the Buldan region of Turkey which has a rich heritage of textile production, dating back to the 1300s. They help keep this legacy alive by sourcing from this region because of the fine craftsmanship and to help sustain the local economy and preserve a valuable, centuries-old tradition.