Panareha is a Lisbon-based sustainable lifestyle fashion brand that embodies the true summer spirit. From their swimwear to their range of shirts and accessories, Panareha's collections have a cooler and more relaxed approach to men’s summer wear.

      Committed to creating great apparel for men that is long-lasting and timeless, the brand makes sure to put the same deliberate attention to supporting sustainable and ethical practices:

      Eco-friendly materials: They opt for natural fibers, renewable resources, and recycled materials, such as organic cotton, linen, and recycled polyester.

      Artisan-made: All their collections are handcrafted by dedicated and skilled artisans using only the highest quality materials, from fabrics to buttons and labels.

      Fairtrade: Fair working conditions, adequate working hours, a safe working environment, a legally binding employment relationship, and fair wages for the people who handcraft their clothing are essential prerequisites for the brand.

      Packaging: They use recycled and recyclable cardboard for all their packaging and labels.

      Every decision they make, every step they take - from choosing their partners to selecting their fabrics, is aimed at a single goal: to lessen their impact on the environment and guarantee fair working conditions. So together with Panareha, let us discover a world where it's always summer. A summer that's made to sweeten the soul, bare our feet and free our spirit.