RaVina Labs


      RaVina Labs is an at-home facial kit curator and self-care brand invested in helping you realize your healthiest skin. Its founders are aesthetic nurses with over 28 years of hands-on clinical experience and biomedical engineers. They are rooted in the dedication and curiosity of both aesthetics and science. From the beginning, they identified what was missing from today’s skincare industry: community, education, and the need to acknowledge self-care. As an online retailer, they provide simple, easy-to-understand at-home facial kits unique to every skin type. Ravina Labs is a proud paraben and sulfate-free, cruelty-free, organic, natural, and made-in-the-USA brand.

      RaVina Labs is so much more than skincare. It is a community. They strive to share their aesthetic knowledge and expertise with people and to educate how and why treating your skin — not only from an external perspective but an internal one — will reveal your healthiest skin. Hyperpigmentation issues? Sensitive skin problems? What if you just have normal skin and need a facial routine? RaVina Labs has you covered. They strive to effectively treat and nourish the natural skin barrier with key ingredients such as natural moisturizing factors, essential fatty acids, peptides, antioxidants, ceramides, and exfoliants such as alpha and beta hydroxy, enzymes, and retinol.

      Through its online community, they not only clarify key clinical and holistic points in hopes you will uncover a deeper understanding of your skin, but they also encourage you to ask questions about your skincare and wellness routines. Its community, education, and relatable experiences will show you that you are not alone. They strive to help people build a better sense of confidence and wellness for their skin, body, and mind.