With breakthrough technology and an elegant aesthetic, ReFa offers the ultimate at-home beauty experience. Their rollers, skincare, and wellness products are designed to refine your health and beauty from the inside out. By combining beauty devices with skincare, ReFa unites infinite forms of beauty care for enhanced results. In breaking with convention, they transcend the boundaries of age, gender, and tradition to help us discover new ways of refining the beauty that we naturally possess.

      ReFa products are manufactured in Japan, which is very different from the emerging markets where deplorable employee conditions are commonly reported in media and human rights reports. In Japan, market conditions (not to mention government oversight) are such that state-of-the-art facilities and due care for employee welfare (including wages, hours, and work conditions) are required, reported, and audited when the need arises. Therefore, ReFa is more than confident that the manufacture of ReFa products is performed in an ethical manner and employee well-being is well established and guarded.