Roam started with a need and notice of a void in the market for an exceptionally made, supportive, cool and fashionable shoe. Being a lifelong avid athlete, sports adventurer, and roamer - Kay Sides, the founder of Roam, has always enjoyed a versatile and very active life. She always searched for a cool comfortable, affordable fashion shoe that could be versatile and would take her everywhere - but couldn't find one for years. So she decided to create them.

      Along with her small yet talented and dedicated family team, they have taken a lot of time perfecting the design of their women's sandals. They use some of the finest materials while being mindful of their impact on the environment.

      Their sandals have custom-molded footbeds that are pillow-soft yet supportive. Mid-soles are wrapped in neoprene for wicking and breathability - even on the sunniest days to keep feet cool. The recycled tread is used on both their gutsy fashion tread and flex sole tread. They have figured out a way to add memory foam to their uppers which is not an easy feat and this allows their shoes to mold and form to the feet - truly creating a hug that feels comfortable for all-day wearing.

      They have learned much about sustainability and being certified; Roam is proud to have partnered with Repreve in making their backpacks and creating a certified recycled fold-able box for shipping their sandals. This takes up less space and can be unfolded for ease of recycling. They also use certified recycled tissue paper and soy ink on their labels.