Saint Jane


      Sustainably sourced and made in California, Saint Jane delivers luxurious, clean skincare and makeup products. Crafted without toxins and using only the finest nature-derived ingredients, including organic CBD, rosehip extract, and shea butter, this botanical-powered beauty collection provides a hydrating radiance for all skin types.

      Timelessly beloved for thousands of years for their efficacy, the ingredients used in Saint Jane are both sacred and effective. Generations have turned to these botanicals to calm and soothe the most troubling skin issues, each one is gently extracted to optimize purity and performance.

      Passionate about empowering women to be their best, Saint Jane supports causes like Loveland Foundation, Color of Change, National Bail Out, Lipstick Angels, Girls Crushing, and Humble Bloom to give girls, women, ailing individuals, and minorities, a brighter future.

      Arriving next season