Simone Bruns


Simone Bruns, a prominent figure in the international art and charity scene, has channeled her passion for philanthropy into a remarkable journey. Through numerous fundraising galas and auctions, she has raised over 1.5 million euros for public exhibition projects and charity initiatives. One of her pivotal moments came in 2014 when she helped fund a project in Sierra Leone, supporting poor farming families in their transition to organic cocoa cultivation. This initiative marked a turning point in her life, igniting a commitment to offer underprivileged individuals a brighter future.

In this spirit, Simone Bruns founded CASHMERE COUTURE | SIMONE BRUNS, a brand that combines fashion with sustainable, long-term career opportunities for women in rural areas. By forging a global alliance with local cashmere producers and home workers in Nepal, Simone has empowered these women to use their craftsmanship in processing cashmere yarns to provide for their families. Each hand-crocheted and knitted unique piece, bearing its own serial number, is a testament to their dedication and skill. The women receive salaries well above the average income in Nepal, ensuring a better quality of life for their families.

Simone's deepest wish is to expand this global cooperation and persuade more women in Germany and Europe to support this cause. Her products are not just luxurious highlights in a woman's wardrobe; they also serve as ambassadors of humanity and appreciation.

At CASHMERE COUTURE | SIMONE BRUNS, they prioritize sustainability and supreme quality, sourcing their cashmere from CONSINEE, a world leader in luxury yarns. Known for their work with renowned fashion houses like Louis Vuitton, Prada, Hermès, and more, CONSINEE shares a commitment to sustainability, transparency, tradition, and heritage.

The raw cashmere fibers come from experienced goat herders in Inner Mongolia, and CONSINEE enforces strict animal welfare and environmental guidelines. This includes responsible breeding, shearing, feeding, transportation, and overall goat health and welfare. CONSINEE also partners with The Good Cashmere Standard to ensure ethical practices.

Furthermore, to protect the grasslands and ecological environment in Inner Mongolia, CONSINEE maintains strict control of herd sizes and grazing, preserving the delicate ecosystem. Their commitment to top-quality products extends to the fineness and fiber length of the cashmere.

With a state-of-the-art factory, high-grade wool equipment in partnership with SIEMENS (Germany), and an expert team, CONSINEE ensures top-notch wool spinning, development, and production, providing cashmere of the highest quality. Simone Bruns' brand stands as a symbol of conscious luxury, reflecting a commitment to the well-being of people and the environment.

CASHMERE COUTURE | SIMONE BRUNS stands as a beacon of conscientious luxury, offering sophisticated scarves and unique pieces that not only elevate your wardrobe but also exemplify a deep commitment to people and the environment.