Valerie Garmino


      Valerie Garmino is committed to creating statement and storytelling designs with the purpose of empowering women by making them look and feel their best.

      They are proud to have developed a sustainable business venture where their designs could become wearable art while helping to improve artisans' and craftsmen’s quality of life. They have partnered with a family-owned knitwear company in Italy in order to recruit very skilled local female artisans to work on Valerie Garmino's designs. On the other hand, they have a beautiful team of Peruvian indigenous artisans most of whom live in the Andean mountains and have lifelong craftsmanship experience. Many of them started to knit when they were 5-6 years old. Their art has been shared/passed generation after generation for hundreds of years.

      Another goal for the brand is to empower women artisans to make strategic, independent life choices by providing them jobs with fair wages. Through this support these women’s lives are improved and transformed, receiving a better future for themselves and their families.

      The Designer actively works to be a change agent for a positive transformation within the fashion industry and raise awareness about the importance of setting new standards where fair trade and human rights are not just initiatives, but the causes of a business well run. Because of this philosophy, she thrives to work with sustainable fibers and materials aiming to reduce fabric waste and shift toward a more responsible usage of chemicals, water, and energy. Hence, they use Alpaca, Cashmere, and Pima Cotton as their premium fabrics in their collection.

      Every decision they make is meant to improve the world around us through sustainable and fair-trade practices.