Color Radiance Beauty Box

Color Radiance Beauty Box

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Color Awakening Hairbath Shampoo 10 oz
Revitalize medium texture with this color safe and gentle cleansing shampoo. Crafted with raw coconut and shea butter to nourish texture and honey to lock in moisture and deliver luster. Pumpkin seed oil preserves color and vibrancy. 
Color Radiance Daily Conditioner 10 oz
Revitalize and nourish medium texture, color and chemically treated hair with this rich conditioner. Crafted with avocado, rice bran oil and shea butter to moisturize and strengthen. Pumpkin seed oil preserves color and vibrancy. 
Detox Mask 4 oz
A clarifying detox treatment to remove buildup. Charcoal, kaolin and Certified Organic white vinegar draw micro-particles to the surface without stripping hair of natural oils.

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