ADA Collection


      Ada Deferrari was on a trip to Argentina when she discovered gorgeous buttery leather and amazing craftsmanship. She had previously used ropes, ribbons, and fabric to tailor loose and unflattering clothes – but leather would add elegance and polish to every outfit.

      Armed with scissors, staples, and genius, she contoured the perfect wrap belt, came up with 12+ ways to tie and the ADA belt revolution began. Since the first collection hit California boutiques in the fall of 2004, ADA belts are now found in over 2000 retail stores across the world, garnering attention from celebrities like Heidi Klum in her daily wardrobe and Giuliana Rancic.

      On your first look at an ADA Collection handmade belt, you’ll be drawn in by the spectrum of vivid colors. Look more closely and you’ll notice the fine detail and variety of elegant textures, then step even closer to touch the natural, softest, and richest leather you can imagine - the Argentinian leather. Ada uses only the finest of leathers in their products, constructed by the skilled artisans of Buenos Aires using Ada’s visionary designs. Woman-founded and owned, Ada Collection is focused on ensuring ethical and responsible manufacturing practices.

      The special leather smell everyone loves is likely from a high-quality, vegetable-tanned product. This intoxicating smell comes from these natural ingredients used and can be preserved in your product for years to come.

      Soft and lightweight. The perfect belt will conform and fit your beautiful body. Not ask you to change but stay just the way you are. They have created a belt line that is not only beautiful but has incredible quality, comfort, and sustainable attributes.

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