Alma Joyeria is based in Medellin, Colombia. With care, they learned to capture nature in time and play homage through exclusive jewels. A mold-free technique allows them to immortalize flowers and plants to be later plated in gold, rose gold, or silver and reflect the unique character of the treasures found in Colombian flora.

      Moved by its passion for botany and for its country, Alma creates with its craft the space to promote conversations that unite art, culture, environmental activism, and education. Today Alma Joyería is proud to have created the synergies between communities of small growers, conservationists, artists, and artisans. This allows the brand to have the opportunity to take care of native forests, celebrate the beauty of nature through art, and above all, promote the visibility of the true heritage of its country.

      Their handcrafted jewels travel the world as ambassadors of their flora, with each piece full of emotions and reflecting the brand's personality and its intention to deliver infinite and perfect nature to an avant-garde, elegant, risky wearer without fear of being a center of attraction, thus making her a treasure collector who preserves their pieces as a work of art. Each piece brings a certificate that informs the species to which it belongs, the place in Colombia where it has been collected, and the date of its collection.

      When you purchase a jewelry piece from Alma, you are also taking unique and fine craftsmen's work, an artwork handcrafted to preserve the most subtle details of the natural element that has been immortalized under the metal just for you, each piece is unique and they are not two alike so a variation may exist between the pieces and even the pictures. Their jewelry materials are silver, bronze, rose gold, and 24kt gold plated. The attention and care you will give to the use and maintenance of your piece will preserve its beauty for many years.

      The brand acts within the protocols of sustainable production with management of water reuse, use of recycled raw material, reuse of materials, and purchase of certified gold.