Beba Gioielli


Beba Gioielli, spearheaded by the skilled Beatrice Filippini, is a Florentine brand that redefines jewelry craftsmanship. As the founder of the "Atelier Orafo" artisan workshop, Beatrice pioneers inventive techniques in goldsmith art. The signature collection, featuring personalized jewelry crafted from plexiglass and gold-plated bronze, reflects Beba Gioielli's commitment to unique, eco-friendly designs, using apple leather and recycled metals.

In an effort to minimize environmental impact, Beba Gioielli employs sustainable practices, utilizing apple leather derived from 50% organic and natural materials. Peels of cultivated apples grown for juices, jams, and other food products usually become waste that is thermally destroyed or deposited in landfills. By making them into apple leather, they give a new life to these discards that would otherwise cause high costs of waste management for the companies and the environment. Apple peels are processed into apple-leather sheets. The result is a material completely similar to traditional leather, both in appearance and resistance, that enables us to offer to our customers top-quality products by guaranteeing a sustainable production process. This apple leather is made in Florence by a company whose technology can transform organic waste into a substitute for oil derivatives and other raw materials such as animal leather.

Recycling metal scraps further reduces waste, as they are melted and repurposed for other products. The brand prioritizes responsible manufacturing, choosing suppliers and partners committed to environmental regulations and ethical practices, mainly within the local Florence community to minimize emissions.

Beba Gioielli's commitment extends to ethical treatment of contractors, adherence to artisan methods, and being a female-led brand, with Beatrice at the helm. Proudly embodying the spirit of "Made in Italy with love," Beba Gioielli intertwines Florentine charm, sustainability, and artistic excellence into every piece.