Carolina K


      Carolina K is a lifestyle brand committed to combining culture and tradition with style and sustainability. Coming from a family lineage of textiles and design that started in Bolivia and then Argentina, Carolina Kleinman utilized her extensive knowledge in the industry combined with her background in music to inspire and establish her own namesake brand in 2005.

      All pieces from each collection are thoughtfully created and showcase intricate details, timeless silhouettes, and conscious materials - with Carolina herself designing them on the foundation of versatility and functionality. Throughout the creative process, Carolina travels to the communities, spends time with the artisans, and lives through each collection - carefully evaluating the designs to respect the people, culture, and environment. These skilled artisans then utilize ancient artisanal techniques to produce unique statement pieces. They work with the most natural materials to responsibly and ethically create handmade statement pieces without the use of electricity, pesticides, or chemicals.

      By working with these small cooperatives of artisans to create impeccable slow fashion pieces, Carolina K is reducing its impact on the environment. Beyond that, here are some other ways the brand shows gratitude to the community and how they operate in the most responsible, sustainable way.

      • The designs are created with responsible fabric choices, prioritizing natural and recycled fibers to ensure their impact on the environment is as minimal as possible. They use GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Fabric, 100% Plant-based Cupro, Sustainable Viscose, Flax-Plant Linen, Recycled Ecocean, and 100% Regenerated Econyl.

      • They have been committed since 2005 and will continue to commit to the reintegration of artisanal products into the global market, offering artisan groups better economic opportunities all year round.

      • They launched the Zero Waste initiative that makes use of every last scrap of fabric. They also use hangtags made of 100% Recycled Paper, Compostable Poly Bags, and Recycled Cardboard Hangers.

      • To give back, they commit to support organizations that help different communities around the world such as Lotus House, Bye Bye Plastic, 15 Percent Pledge, and counting!