La Loop


      New York City, 1999. Basically the capital of lost eyeglasses. It was at this time that La Loop founder, Elizabeth Faraut, finally had it. It was also around this time she had a small epiphany that inspired her to come up with a workable solution. Having honed her eye at Le Figaro, Guerlain, and Guess, Elizabeth knew that whatever the solution, it had to be both impeccably functional and incredibly stylish. Et voila! La Loop was born.

      Designed in LA and handmade in NYC, La Loop's patented design blends the elegant clean lines of a necklace with a simple silver circle ingeniously and custom crafted to hold glasses. "It's the necklace people don't leave home without." Advertised in the New Yorker, written up in the New York Observer, featured in the New York Times, and given the thumbs up by a Vogue fashion editor, La Loop quickly attracted a loyal following of long- (and short-) sighted creatives.

      Twenty years and thousands of La Loops later, Elizabeth and the company are now based in Southern California. She continues to inspire and innovate, introducing new styles seasonally, using top-of-the-line materials and artisanal production, and connecting Loopers to one another and their communities through her hands-on approach to philanthropy. She is the Henry Crown Fellow of the Aspen Institute; chairman of the board of directors of the Downtown Women's Center in Los Angeles; and executive committee member of Human Rights Watch. Through the La Loop, she encourages La Loopers to join the Virtuous Loop and celebrates and supports their own philanthropic initiatives and volunteer efforts.