Las Sureñas


      September 2020, Miami. Three friends - Silvana Larrate, Carola Urtubey, and Luli Ballestrin - who have been living in Key Biscayne for more than 10 years decided to create together a clothing brand different from what was found in the market. A brand created for all body types and that lives free from changing trends. To be a part of the slow fashion movement and at the same time be unique, eye-catching, and fun. As a result, the Las Sureñas brand was born.

      Las Sureñas combines classic and timeless fabrics in pieces that are a must in any wardrobe with strong, original, and full-of-life prints. The brand designs swimsuits and bikinis and impeccably custom-made tailoring, including shirts and shorts, tunics, cashmere sweaters, and other pieces that make Las Sureñas a comprehensive and assorted brand. Therefore, the style of Las Sureñas is a unique mix that turns a classic piece into a statement one, and a slow fashion trend into an unmistakable style. The Las Sureñas style.

      The brand works with natural materials and fabrics to responsibly and ethically create statement pieces without the use of electricity, pesticides, or chemicals. They are proud to create impeccable slow fashion pieces in which through this approach, the brand is able to prevent additional waste and surplus. They believe in fair trade practices that provide good working conditions and livable wages in order to promote the sustainability of their artisans, employees, and the employees in the factories they partner with.