Laura Aparicio


      Discover the captivating fashion heritage of Laura Aparicio, a journey that begins in her birthplace, Bogotá, Colombia. In 2016, Laura embarked on a transformative creative path, giving birth to her eponymous Ready-to-Wear label. Rooted in the concept of timeless, effortless silhouettes, her designs draw inspiration from Latin American cultures and the world of men's fashion. Laura Aparicio's brand curates a collection characterized by clean lines, minimalistic profiles, and daring fabric textures, all eloquently expressing her unique vision of the essentials.

      With a steadfast commitment to transparent, ethical practices, the brand meticulously sources its materials, champions worker welfare, and innovatively reduces and repurposes materials. Every creation emerges from a place of genuine care, empathy, and experimentation, resulting in enduring Latin-inspired pieces tailored for the bold, empowered women who choose them. Laura Aparicio's mission celebrates female empowerment through sophisticated, modern, and timeless styles, thoughtfully preserving local traditions, embracing handcrafted techniques, and utilizing the finest textiles to deliver unrivaled quality to their clientele.

      Beyond fashion, the brand is a thriving community, united by a shared purpose to foster trust among their staff and the workshops of indigenous families in Colombia and Central America. This dynamic collaboration drives their exploration and experimentation with natural fibers, propelling them toward a future where sustainability and style harmoniously coexist.