Maygel Coronel


      Founded on the Caribbean coast, Maygel Coronel is a brand designed for women and for life under the sun. The brand believes faithfully in the infinite beauty of femininity, the bodies, and the personalities of each woman. Born in 2017, the brand has since been seeking to honor the woman through pieces that melt on her skin.

      The brand proudly creates impeccable slow fashion pieces with Lycra as their base element. In a city where the beach meets luxury, the brand boasts pieces that could effortlessly transition from day to night.

      Sustainability begins at home with Maygel Coronel. Every single one from their team contributes with a human vision - from the creation of a proper and fair workplace to the use of materials that meet their objectives. To give back to the community, Maygel Coronel is dedicated to empowering local talents by providing internship programs with local design schools and universities.

      At Maygel Coronel, wastes are a key ingredient of their manufacturing. They take full advantage of the innovation of new models to include recent wastes and create new products. This way, they reduce residues by giving the materials second use.