Monica Nera


      When Monica lived in the Reggio Calabria, located in the South of mainland Italy opposite Sicily, she started thinking about creating clothing. So her first project was to create a little black dress at the likes of Coco Chanel, as she wanted to design timeless yet elegant pieces for women who seek originality with a slow fashion approach.

      Ever since Monica has designed various collections using different kinds of fabrics sourced from all over Europe. But there is one that has been her favorite all along, making it the signature of the brand: our new generation cotton. Coming from Portugal, the cotton fabric is a quintessential part of every collection, especially in the Resort and Summer collections. From classic to extravagant silhouettes, Monica's inspiration is endless. Besides, Monica has a fetish for silks and leather, which define the more luxurious part of the collections.

      As part of Monica Nera's commitment to sustainability principles and support to the local economy, MN manages all her production in-house. Monica has strong and friendly relationships with her whole team as part of her principles of embracing positivity. In her Warsaw-based atelier, she personally ensures the highest working conditions and environment, and of course wages.

      The brand prides itself on its mission to put sustainability and ethical standards first by keeping the production in-house with a team of seamstresses and only using eco-certified fabrics. The brand's signature cotton is OEKO-TEX ® certified and has its origin in Portugal. Wherever possible, the brand uses stocked fabrics to avoid additional production.

      Reducing waste to the minimum, each Monica Nera piece is made-to-order and uses fabric leftovers for bows, belts, and ties. This allows them to reduce waste and overproduction, as well as make every item handmade. This ensures the highest possible quality in a sustainable and efficient way.