Novinska handbags are classic handbags and accessories designed for women looking for authenticity and making conscious choices. The founder of the brand, Maria Novinska, has been creating leather accessories since 2005 in accordance with leather traditions inspired by Italian craftsmanship. Novinska handbags reflect the multicultural experience of the designer, who has lived in Warsaw, Rome, Shanghai, and Kuala Lumpur. The creator of the brand is passionate about the craft, which she learned from the best masters in Italy; combines knowledge of design, construction, and the art of leatherwork with the experience of running a fashion brand in Europe and Asia.

Approaching business with passion and heart, Maria consciously builds a brand in accordance with her beliefs and values. The brand strongly believes in:

  • Authenticity: Being authentic, living in harmony with yourself, your truth, principles, and dreams.
  • The power of women: Their mission in supporting and empowering women reflects on their involvement in social actions supporting women and women's businesses.
  • Conscious luxury: They see luxury as the freedom to do what you love and the way you love. For them, mindful luxury is also collecting experiences from travel to beautiful places where architecture intertwines with nature.

Moreover, the brand values:

  • Uniqueness: They believe that everyone has their own unique potential. They draw from their resources to create original designs of handbags. Their unique style is classic fashion with a mole.
  • Quality: Backed by many years of experience, their handbags and accessories stand out for their masterful craftsmanship and quality for years to come.
  • A balanced approach: Novinska handbags are produced ethically and from sustainable materials. They are highly aware of their social and environmental responsibility. They are constantly deepening their knowledge and looking for optimal solutions, following a path of sustainable development.

But how do they follow this path of sustainable development you say? The brand knows who they are associating with and who they work with. This makes it easier to check their supply chain. Their leather is obtained from the production surpluses of Italian tanneries produced for large brands, which are also mostly certified by the Sustainable Leather Foundation.

The tannery where their leather comes from cleans the water used for plant expedition (mainly from natural ingredients) and reuses it. In addition, it uses renewable energy sources and is an energy-neutral plant.

As for the leather itself, Novinska uses 99% of cowhides from other industries, which are a so-called by-product of the meat and dairy industry, and high-quality waste that gets recycled. They produce their accessories in a local plant in Poland, rewarding leatherworkers for their excellent work. They have built many years of relationships with their employees who understand the concept of quality like how the brand does. That is why their products are of great quality, and if they get damaged or worn out, they give them a second life by offering repairs and refreshing services.