Pinkfilosofy is an effortless casualwear brand that finds elegance in timelessness, and authenticity in simplicity.

      The brand was founded in July 2010 by Adriana Arboleda and Johanna Ortiz in Cali, Colombia. Since then, it has been under Adriana’s creative direction. Its purpose goes beyond being a timeless fashion brand. Pinkfilosofy promotes a way of seeing and living life, where solidarity and conscious work of women as the engine of the company promotes a lifestyle that has a positive impact on the environment, society, and its work team.

      More than just creating elegant and timeless pieces, Pinkfilosofy continues to challenge itself in ways that can further reduce its impact on the planet and contribute to the community.

      The brand has a long-standing alliance with the Ellen Riegner de Casas Foundation, a foundation that for more than 18 years has supported low-income patients suffering from cancer. Further, a percentage of the sales of each collection is destined to support those brave women who live this reality.

      Pinkfilosofy approaches its design and production through processes that use an increasing percentage of environmentally friendly materials and minimize waste. An example of this is its Be Conscious initiative, which seeks to raise awareness in every person who has contact with the brand of the importance of environmental sustainability as a lifestyle - from the garments that are acquired, their care, and ways to make them last over time.

      The Pinkfilosofy woman is feminine, intuitive, and conscious. She values comfort, versatility, and clothes that last over time. She balances her life between multiple roles. For this reason, she needs to feel well-dressed and comfortable at the same time, on day-to-day chores, social gatherings, or vacations.