The Jacksons


      The Jacksons is a proud ethical brand that takes a responsible approach to materials and the planet whilst helping to strengthen women’s role in society.

      A hidden gem in Notting Hill since 1998, The Jacksons was co-founded by costume designer Louise Jackson (and back then, also by her sister Joey Jackson). A desire for a stage with props led to a shop where dressing up is not just for the young and color is obligatory. The boutique is full of bright clothes, jewelry, gifts, and homewares - one of the original lifestyle boutiques in Notting Hill with brands from around the world. As the shop has evolved over the years, it has grown to represent a spirit of uniqueness and sustainability that goes beyond fashion trends.

      In 2012, The Jacksons were introduced to a man who had worked as a VSO in Bangladesh, and together, they made one jute bag. It has now become a joyous design collaboration between The Jacksons and the skillful handicraft workers in southwest Bangladesh, creating not only the beautiful and durable hand-crafted jute “word-bags” but also humorous and colorful placemats and beaded purses.

      They have now grown from a workforce of fewer than 100 to 3000 women in Bangladesh and 1000 artisans from the South West, an area where there are few job opportunities for them. They are also working with small communities of artisans in other parts of Bangladesh. All of these teams are predominantly made up of women who are paid directly, giving them independence and status, and empowering them to make decisions within the family. A large percentage of them are now able to send their children to school with whom some are already attending university. This was impossible only six years ago and until now, Louise visits regularly to inspect and see the real benefits firsthand. All these are helping The Jacksons fulfill a mission close to their hearts - to create as many job opportunities as possible.