Valley Eyewear


      Founded in 2011 by Michael Crawley and his wife Tenielle, the independent label has built a reputation for pushing the boundaries of fashion eyewear. With humble beginnings in a tiny garage studio on the East coast of Australia, they found momentum by producing premium high-quality, fashion-forward eyewear. Michael Crawley describes the brand as “brutalist high-fashion eyewear. While the majority of the competition plays it safe, the bold, sculptural frames and geographically diverse campaigns are carving out a new road in the world of fashion eyewear.

      Valley Eyewear has an uncompromising commitment to quality and design. Each piece in their prolific collection is individually crafted by hand and then rigorously checked against the highest standards. The collection is made from the finest metals such as titanium and the best vintage, one-off, and painstakingly hand-selected acetates. Valley Eyewear products embody a sense of originality within a polished form. Using innovation and technical expertise, their premium quality lenses are produced, checked, and fitted to each frame. With each pair constructed from the finest materials available, passed through some 25 hands for quality assurance, and critiqued by an Australian design team, the brand aims to present a refined collection of eyewear that exemplifies idiosyncratic high-end confidence with a rebellious twist.