Western Aloha


      Western Aloha is based in one of the most culturally and geographically diverse places on earth. Rising from the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the Big Island is also one of the most geographically isolated places. Where and how they manufacture their products are part of this story - to connect one of the most culturally and geographically diverse regions on earth to anyone who enjoys living the Aloha lifestyle.

      Inspired by the Big Island, Western Aloha's products are designed for every day, from sea to snow and beach to bar. Home of the original American Cowboy, the Paniolo, Western Aloha is a lifestyle brand blending outdoor, western, and resort culture in a remarkable way. Their prints often feature motifs inspired by Western Aloha's home on the Big Island of Hawaii. They don’t buy seasonal, off-the-shelf prints inspired by current trends. Instead, they work with incredibly talented graphic and textile artists to create original prints that are uniquely Western Aloha. Like the Big Island, their textile designs marry elements of different cultures and styles from around the world with the spirit of Aloha found only in Hawaii.

      Searching for their perfect and ideal fabric along with a responsible textile manufacturer wasn't easy at first. Western Aloha just had to find the perfect combination of both, and so they did their research. Until they finally found and went to work with a woven fabric maker in Taiwan that shares their commitment to the environment, with a long history of demonstrating sustainable textile production and resource management. In the end, they created "Cowboy Cloth", a special dual-fiber blend that feels as soft as cotton but with the performance characteristics of a synthetic.

      Through their artistic pieces, from clothing to accessories to even household items, no matter where you reside, you can always bring the Big Island to your home with Western Aloha.